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New Service developments to cost some temporary nurses their jobs

Proposals by management contained in a letter from Mr. Brendan Mulligan outlines that in the PCCC over 560 permanent posts will be created in areas of:
• Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
• Disability Services
• Primary Care Teams
• Services for older people
In order to allow for the creation of these posts Mr Mulligan states “employees on fixed term/temporary contracts with less than 12 months service will be terminated”.
The process is to begin immediately on a regional basis and in consultation with staff representatives having regard to all necessary consideration associated with the protection of front line services.
The number of temp post to be terminated in the PCCC:
Dublin Mid Leinster        ..........................93
Dublin North East          .........................46
South                            ......................75
West                             ......................76
Of these, 105 have been identified as nursing posts but no breakdown is available.
The Health Service group and Union will meet on Friday 10th July to consider this edict.
Seamus Murphy Deputy General Secretary states “The posts being identified for termination are likely to be those of young nurses providing critical front line care for patients.  It is appalling that there is a proposal to abolish those posts in order to provide for development elsewhere, areas, where, we were led to believe additional monies were to be made available.  This together with the €50 Million promised over the last few years now seems to be also channelled with mainstream health away from psychiatry”  Seamus Murphy vowed to fight every proposal to terminate a post and to fight to retain finance that was promised for service development.
Link to Mr Mulligan’s letter can be accessed by clicking here