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Dear Colleagues,

Please find below information regarding the current Covid 19 emergency. We wish to advise all our members that we are engaging with the HSE on a continuous basis and that all information is subject to change as the situation progresses.

We advise all members to make themselves aware of this information and advise. Each heading includes links to the current information available in relation to each topic.

Further information can be found on the Health Protection Surveillance Centre website


HR Circular 016/2020: Addendum to HR Circular 12/2020 COVID 19 FAQs for Public Service Employers in relation to working arrangements and leave associated with COVID-19 (including updates on changes from the containment to delay phase) 13th March 2020


COVID-19 FAQs for HR in the civil and public service 2020.03.04

Interim Guidance for Coronavirus HCW Mgt by Occupational Health WHWU Version 10 

Algorithm for Testing of HCW Contacts V 1


HSE Letter re Policy on Redeployment of Staff during COVID-19Policy on Redeployment of Staff during COVID-19

HR Circular 015 2020 - Policy on Redeployment of staff during COVID-19

20.03.27 CERS Memo 13 2020 re Redeployment Policy - section 51

  • Carry over of Annual Leave 

20.04.02 CERS Memo 15 2020 re Carry Over Annual Leave - COVID 19



HR Circular 017/2020: Update re Social Distancing in the Health Sector

Appendix A: Guidance for public service employees in relation to COVID-19 self-isolation and self-quarantine notifications

Appendix B: Guidance for managers when notified of COVID-19 self-isolation or self-quarantine


HR Circular 014 2020 re Social Distancing in the Health Sector

Healthcare Worker COVID-19 Close Contact Information Leaflet V7

Derogation for the return to work of Healthcare Workers (HCW) who have been advised to restrict their movements BUT are identified as essential for critical services – Version 3 30th Mar 2020

For HCWs returning from any international travel outside of the island of Ireland v4.0, 18.03.2020

COVID-19 ESSENTIAL Healthcare Worker on Passive Monitoring – Leaflet for returning to work prior to the end of the monitoring period V1.0, 30.03.2020

PREGNANT and Immunocompromised Healthcare Workers

Pregnant Healthcare Workers (HCWs), Vulnerable HCWs and HCW with Other Pre-Existing Disease Version 3, 30/03/2020


Interim Guidance for use of PPE COVID 19 v1.0 17_03_20


Preliminary Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control Guidance include Outbreak Control in Residential Care Facilities (RCF) and Similar Units

Risk Assessment of Healthcare Workers with Potential Workplace Exposure to Covid-19 Case V6

COVID-19 Telephone Assessment, Testing Pathway and Return to Work of Symptomatic Healthcare Workers Version 3.1


Update - Be on Call for Ireland initiative

DoH Circular 1_2020 - Waiver of Abatement for frontline staff in the context of COVID-19 (005)

HR Circular 009 2020-Waiver of Pension Abatement


COVID-19 Restoration Fee Waiver FAQ

NMBI Waives Restoration Fees to Enable Qualified Nurses and Midwives to Return to Work

Information for Nurses and Midwives on Scope of Practice in Emergency Situations

NMBI Statement to Registered Nurses and Midwives on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)



HELPLINE - Phone line to help healthcare workers

A dedicated phone line for all healthcare workers is available. It has been set up to give staff and managers information and advice during the coronavirus outbreak.
Callsave 1850 420 420
Lines are open from Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am - 5 pm
Please be advised that the above information is being reviewed on a continuous basis as the crisis progresses and may be open to change. The PNA are still awaiting clarity under the following headings.
  • PRSI A stamp retirees who wish to return to work and the ramifications to their supplementary pension.
  • Process for filling national panels during the current crisis.
  • Clarification re Childcare Arrangments for Healthcare Workers


Please find attached the much anticipated “HSE Guidance and Resources for Disability Services” documents.

These have all been approved by the NPHET subgroup for Vulnerable People (chaired by Jim Ryan), including Dr Margaret Fitzgerald (Public Health).

These guidance documents have been developed by the HSE in collaboration with service providers in the voluntary sector and have been approved by the NPHET subgroup for Vulnerable People.

We would also recommend that services access the National Public Health Guidance for COVID-19 on for the most up to date information on infection prevention and control.

List of Guidance Documents developed by HSE Disability Services  

COVID-19 Guidance for Nurse-Led Residential Disability Services

COVID-19 Contingency Plan Home Support Services Disabilities

COVID-19 Guidance Community Residential Services for People with Disabilities

Guidance on Supporting a Distressed Person with Additional Needs

Managing Stress for Individuals with a Disability in a Pandemic

Guidance for Testing for COVID-19 in Disability Services

Guidance for Testing for COVID-19 in Disability Services (Graphics)

Guide for Community Residence

Guidance for Non-Residential Models of Care

Streamlined Passport for Hospital Admission (Yellow)


Cornmarket - Covid-19 Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) - Frequently asked questions

PNA fight against cancer. Q1 2020 report - (see below)

Hi all,

I hope this email finds you safe and well. We have one more update linked to COVID-19 and it relates to the disruption to planned clinics for Pink and Blue Power for PNA members. We have had to postpone 54 appointments. Up to now with the help of the PNA, the Pink and Blue Power programme has been a real success story with members up and down the country availing of the programme. Nearly 1,3000 members were invited nationwide. Of those that booked an appointment, 100% who’ve experienced the service rating it as excellent or very good in their score cards. This campaign has helped take away some of the fear around breast and prostate cancer, raised awareness and got your members talking. Attached is a report that has been compiled for you on the results and participation to date under the PNA banner. The results speak for themselves. See above report with full details.

The health system is already under severe pressure and we do not wish to add to the challenges already facing frontline staff or put our clients at risk by attending busy GP or consultant offices. Communication is paramount and we have been working around the clock managing appointment cancellations and referrals with the clinical team.

· GP appointments – all scheduled apts will be cancelled for the foreseeable future. Members who booked until 29th March have been notified. Most importantly, if anyone is concerned about symptoms, they will be asked to follow up with their own GP directly. Members with an appointment after this date will be contacted accordingly as the situation progresses.
· Referrals – Similarly Pink Power referrals to meet a specialist in Dublin and Cork have been postponed unless they are urgent. The consultants have gone through the case files individually and spoken to the patients on the phone. Blue Power referrals are similar.

We hope this new found world is short lived and we will recommence this campaign again proudly under the PNA banner when better times come. Contingency plans are already being worked on. In the meantime, I would be grateful if you could put a hold on promotion of Pink and Blue. Here is the message we have put on our site which you may wish to duplicate.

Booking for this programme is now closed. If you have an existing appointment query, please contact the GP/doctor service providers, Full Health Medical on: (01) 554 9795 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are so grateful to all the psychiatric nurses reporting for duty. We understand that these are stressful times. On behalf of the team, I hope you and your family stay well, happy & safe over the coming weeks.

Clodagh Ruddy
Head of Client Services

COVID-19 HSE Clinical Guidance and Evidence website

A COVID-19 HSE Clinical Guidance and Evidence repository is now available. Click here to access

This site provides a repository of clinical guidance and latest research evidence to equip the clinical community in Ireland to respond to Covid-19.

The site contains:

  • HSE Interim Clinical Guidance to provide consistent advice to the clinical community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is based on best available knowledge at the time of completion, written by clinical subject matter experts (SMEs) working with the HSE. These SMEs have both expertise and experience of treating patients for the specific health conditions covered by the guidance.
  • Research evidence summaries prepared by the HSE National Library Evidence team and other stakeholders
  • Facility to request additional published Covid19 evidence in relation to specific clinical questions.
  • Links to point of care tools and educational resources

The content of the site is not meant to replace clinical judgment or specialist consultation, but rather strengthen clinical management of patients and provide up-to-date and relevant guidance.  The guidance is iterative in nature and will be updated as the situation changes.

This guidance must be read in conjunction with the National HSE Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Guidance for Possible or Confirmed COVID-19 

The repository is accessible from the Staff COVID-19 homepage.