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To All Branch Secretaries / OB Members

29 th July 2016

Dear Colleagues,

At our NEC Meeting on Wednesday 27 th July 2016 we outlined to the NEC the significant progress which has been made in relation to the majority of the claims, however, there are 2 issues which are still outstanding:

  1. Community Payment
  2. Incremental 2011-2015 internship

Community Payment:

  • “There is an Agreement in principle to examine the scale for Community Nurses in Mental Health, which may address the current differences in pay, contingent on engagement around specific productivity and related measures. This process will scope out the issues involved in achieving such measures, which will enhance the delivery of Mental Health Nursing Services in the Community”.

Incremental Credit:

  • To date it has been very difficult to get movement on this issue. We will continue to pursue this issue in the current process and other external processes.

The WRC is to reconvene next Wednesday the 03 rd August and following that meeting we will be able to advise you what is the next stage in the dispute.

Please note until the outcome of the WRC next week Phases 1&2 will continue .

Yours Respectfully,



Des Kavanagh

General Secretary