As you are aware there have been negotiations in relation to the re-establishment of the Time and 1/6 th payment in the mental health services under the auspices of an Independent Chairman.

The following is the outcome of these negotiations;

  1. The restoration of the time and 1/6 th is restored from July 1 st 2018.
  2. 4 tasks have been agreed to apply in mental health approved centres, residential services and rehabilitation services as follows:
      • Sharing of formulating, reviewing and implementing integrated care plans.
      • Sharing of initiation of risk assessments and ongoing review
      • Sharing of clozapine/denzapine monitoring
      • Sharing of TMVA/CPI Training for medical staff.
  3. Where training has been provided and resources permit tasks will be shared and/or transfer from July 1 st , 2018.
  4. Local Joint Union/Management Implementation groups will be established and will be based, generally, aligned with CHO areas.
  5. A verification and implementation report will be issued before the end of 2018.
  6. Following this retrospection, prior to July 1 st 2018 will be addressed.

We will keep you informed of any updates to the above as we receive them

Click to view / download HSE PNA and SIPTU Proposal (pdf)

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