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Please click on this link for Update in relation to the Commencement Date of the New Sick Pay Scheme

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To All Members,

Please see below correspondence re deferral of New Sick Pay Scheme. As you are aware the PNA have been engaged in an intense political campaign to have the retrospective element of this scheme rescinded. To this effect the enactment of this Legislation has been deferred to permit appropriate consideration of the scheme.

It is imperative that this political pressure is intensified over these coming weeks as to the best of our knowledge the Gardái and the PNA are two of the only Public Sector Unions launching a campaign.

The next steps of our campaign will be relayed to members in the next few days.

Yours sincerely

Des Kavanagh

General Secretary

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" I wish to advise that the implementation date for the new Public Service Sick Leave Scheme will no longer be 1st January 2014 as originally intended.

Please see below a note that was provided by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to the Irish Independent on the change in the commencement date:

The Minister tabled an amendment to the relevant legislation in the Dail today - essentially adopting a proposed Opposition amendment - that requires the Ministerial Regulations (made under the legislation once it is enacted) actually introducing the new single sick leave scheme for the public service to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas with the scope for either House to annul the Regulations within 21 sitting days.

The Minister introduced the amendment consistent with the Government’s commitment to Dail Reform to ensure that there was appropriate transparency and potential for further consideration by members of the Oireachtas of the detailed provisions of the proposed new scheme if that was required.

As a result the implementation date for the new sick leave arrangements can no longer be 1 Jan. as originally envisaged rather the new sick leave scheme for the public service will be introduced once the legislation is enacted, the Regulations are made and the Regulations legally come into force which is currently expected to be sometime in March.

I will issue a further note to you later today that you can provide to staff.

Yours sincerely

Anna Killilea

Sent by Susan Keegan on behalf of

Anna Killilea

HSE, Corporate Employee Relations

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