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Working Group to develop a strategy for managing work related aggression and violence within the Health Service publishes its report.

The report of the working group on work related aggression and violence within the Health Service has published its report.
Prof Drumm in a letter accompanying the publication of the report on the 9th April stated:
“I am pleased to endorse its recommendations.  A formal ‘position paper’ with regard to our collective response and the need to focus very deliberately on successfully meeting the various targets and deliverables set out in the report is attached”
“While mindful of the current climate and the associated demands on all of us I am keen to see the report’s recommendations implemented”
Professor Drumm spoke of the Partnership philosophy being at the heart of the work to date and that the successful completion of the Report is significant testament to the value and effectiveness of this approach.  He also acknowledged the financial support by the Health Service National Partnership forum as being very welcome as it “gives increased impetus to implementation of the action plan”
Professor Drumm went on to say this “Report and our future actions will not only serve our staff very well in terms of their health and safety but will most likely place us to the fore internationally as an example of very best practice”
He concluded by stating that it is his “hope that this letter and more importantly this mandate to move toward implementation will find favour with you all”
The position paper referred to by Prof Drumm is attached in its entirety.

Click on this link to view the position paper

The amended word document version is available by clicking on this link

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