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  1. NMBI launches new Scope of Nursing and Midwifery Practice
  3. 2014 PPP Policy Paper Barnardos
  4. Future Health
  5. HRB Statistics Series 24 Annual Report of the National Intellectual Disability
  6. Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health - A Position Paper
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  8. Annual Report 2013 1 Chief Medical Officer
  9. 2014 Implreport Alzheimer Dementias
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  12. Intentional Injury to Children European Report 2014
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  16. Primary Health and Disability - A Review of the Literature
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  18. Investing in Mental Health Evidence for Action
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  21. Second Report of the Suicide Support and Information System 2013
  22. SOMEONE TO CARE 2013
  23. Safer Better Healthcare Standards
  24. Ethical issues in patient safety research
  25. Mental health and development targeting people with mental health conditions as a vulnerable group
  26. Draft comprehensive mental health actionplan 2013 2020
  27. Presentation The Report on the Establishment of Hospital Groups as a transition to Hospital Trusts together with the report Securing the Future of Smaller Hospitals: A Framework for Development
  28. Consultation Report Seclusion and Reduction Strategy - Final Version
  29. Recent Publication DOH
  30. Psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people: Recognition and management
  31. Report of the Review of Undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery Degree Programmes - Dec. 2012
  32. AC RVS DK Horatio EU Submission To MEPS
  33. Future Health. A Strategic Framework for Reform of the Health Service 2012 - 2015
  34. European Commission Mental Health in Workplace Reports Studies & Projects
  35. PNA Seclusion and Physical Restraint Response Final SM AC
  36. MHRN Guide to Finding and Reading Research June 2012
  37. Well-Being: promoting mental health in schools
  38. Breaking the SIlence
  39. Mental Capacity Bill 2008 PNA submission
  40. Creating Excellence in Dementia Care
  41. Use of Seclusion and Restraint in ACs Activities Report 2010
  42. WHO GETS TO DECIDE? Capacity Legislation
  43. NHS - A simple guide to improving services
  44. Primary Palliative Care in Ireland
  45. Sundry NCNM Publications
  46. Sundry Bord Altranais Links and Publications
  47. Patient Safety First
  48. Sundry Mental Health Commission Links and Publications
  49. PNA submission on Garda Training
  50. PNA Submission to Labour Court on Nurse Pay
  51. PNA Submission to HIQA Quality Standards
  52. PNA Submission on Proposed move of Central Mental Hospital
  53. Submission to Dept Health and Children Strategy Statement
  54. PNA Submission to NESF on Social Exclusion
  55. Post Registration Nurse Education Review Doc
  56. PNA submission Review of the Mental Health Act
  57. PNA Submission on Garda Training
  58. PNA Submission to Commission on Nursing Hours
  59. PNA Building Success on Strong Foundations
  60. PNA Publish Interview Guidelines
  61. PNA Publish Submission to MHC on Code of Practice on the Mental Treatment Act 2001
  62. Rights and Entitlements of Nurses Injured by Assault at Work PNA Publication
  63. Capital Investment in Health Report of the Department of Health
  65. An explanation of the Working Time Act
  66. Mental Health Commission - THE HUMAN COST
  67. McCarthy Report and PNA Response
  68. Time To Move On From Congregated Settings
  69. WHO Patient Safety Curriculum 2011
  70. Report - Crisis In Mental Health Services
  71. Mental Health Risk Management
  72. Useful Links
  73. Links to General Publications
  74. Sundry PNA Newsletters & Publications
  75. Workplace violence and aggression report


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