24 th January 2019

Dear Colleagues

Over the past week we have received numerous calls from our members working within the General Services and how they should be directed on the dates selected for Strike Action by the INMO i.e. January 30 th , February 05 th and February 07 th .

Firstly, it is our utmost intention that we both support and respect the INMO's Strike Action and both Unions have been communicating on a continuous basis to ensure that this is the case. As I am sure you understand we would ask that all members in General Services, affected by Strike Action, do not take any steps that may impact negatively on their nurse colleagues. With this in mind, we would request all members in the services to take all reasonable steps to not be rostered or working on the days of Strike Action. This would require seeking a change in roster so that the strike days fall on your day off or seeking annual leave for these days.

This has been discussed with the HSE at a National Level. They have assured us that any request made will be considered as a priority and granted in all genuine circumstances. We would ask that any nurse that is refused this that PNA head office is notified immediately so we can attempt to rectify the situation.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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