Many thanks to those of you who joined us last week for our webinar:

ADVERSITY as an OPPORTUNITY with Dr Felipe Contepomi, Leinster Rugby Backs Coach and RCSI Alumni.

It was a super event, and we are taking this opportunity to offer our appreciation to our contributors and colleagues who all worked so hard to make this happen.

Professor Michael Shannon, Dean, Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, Mr Des Kavanagh President of the Irish Rugby Football Union IRFU and Retired General Secretary of the PNA, Ms Aisling Culhane Research of Development advisor of the PNA

The support of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery RCSI through Professor Thomas Kearns Executive Director, Catherine Clune Mulvaney Operations and Education Manager, Aine Halligan Administer.The General Secretary Peter Hughes and Officer Board of the PNA.

We have received many enquiries through both organisations to provide a recording of the event. Dr Felipe Contepomi provided us with some golden nuggets towards inspiration:

Supporting our work / home environments towards building resilience, reaching our potential, energising teams, being creative in our social interactions to maintain connections and bonds.

We hope you get the opportunity to enjoy this recording with sincere thanks to Dr Felippe and all the colleagues .

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