As you are aware through much media speculation the Government have indicated through the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform that they intend to change the sick pay scheme for Public Servants.

The Congress of Trade Unions referred the matter to the Labour Court. The Court issued LCR 20335 following a hearing on the 10.07.12.

The new scheme changes previous entitlements and will be reviewed by the PNA over the coming days and at the Officer Board meeting of the 25th July (Thursday) 2012.

Briefly the new sick pay scheme will allow for:

- 3 Months full and 3 months half pay from January 2014.

- 7 days self certified leave over 2 years.

- "Critical illness" six months full pay sick months half pay.

- Rehabilitation pay capped at 12 months

The existing schemes for Serious Physical Assault, TB, MRSA, blood borne diseases and the Injury at Work Grant Article 109 remain intact.

Please continue to check PNA website for updates.

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