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13th July 2016

To all Branch Secretaries and Officer Board Members. Following discussions at the WRC today 13th July 2016, a proposal has been agreed in relation to the recognition in the role of the Nurse in the Community and the need to provide a payment to those not in receipt of the Community Allowance. “It is acknowledged by all parties to the process that the role of the nurse in Mental Health is unique and that this payment is reflective of this uniqueness”

Please note that this is a WRC proposal and needs to be signed off by all parties in the next 24 hours. Progress has also been made in relation to the recruitment of additional Student Nurses for 2016 and also for a significant increase in 2017. Further details of these numbers will be provided in the coming days.

In relation to the Incremental Credit 2011-2015 this matter continues to be considered by all parties. The PNA has made clear to Management and indeed the WRC that this is a matter that must be resolved. in order to bring this dispute to conclusion.

It is recognised that there are a number of parties effected by this matter, all of whom need to be involved in this search for a final agreement. We hope to make progress on this matter in the coming days.

However, we would not want to understate the resistance in this issue in some quarters. Further updates will be issued in the coming days.

Please note that Phase 3 is deferred for a further 24 hour rolling period, Phases 1 & 2 are to continue.

Yours sincerely


Mr Des Kavanagh

General Secretary