Facilities for non full-time representatives of staff associations/unions

1. I am directed by the Minister of Health to say that he has had under review the arrangements relating to the facilities which are available to non full-time representatives of staff association/unions.

2. I am to convey approval for the application of the following arrangements in respect of recognised staff associations and unions.

Special leave for meeting, conferences etc.

(1) Paragraph 7 of the Local Authority and Health Services Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme deals with the grant of special leave with pay for the purpose of the scheme and it provides as follows:-

"Staff side representatives may be allowed leave with pay"

(a) to attend, as members of officers, meetings of the Council (The National Joint Council) or any committee set up by such Council, or

(b) to act as members of or appear with witnesses or advocates before the Arbitration Board."

(2) In respect of staff not covered by Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme facilities similar to those outlined in paragraph 3(1) may be granted to non full-time representatives of recognised staff association and unions for the purpose of negotiations.

4. Within limits as indicated special leave with pay may be granted as necessary for attendance at the conferences/meetings listed below to non full-time representatives of staff associations/unions who are duly authorised in respect of the conference/meeting in question.

Association/Union meetings

Annual delegate conferences - the limit is two days a year;
Special delegate conferences - the limit is one day a year;
Executive meetings (excluding branch executive/committee meetings) - limit is twenty days a year.

Conferences of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions

Annual conferences and special delegate conferences - no limits applies.

5. The grant of special leave under paragraph 3 and 4 above, which will apply also the time necessarily spent travelling to and from the meeting in question, is subject to the Chief Executive Officer of Hospital Authority being prepared to release the number of staff concerned for the period in question having regard, for instance, to the exigencies of the service they provided. The grant of special leave under paragraph 4 is subject to the following additional conditions:-

Submission to his/her Chief Executive Officer of Hospital Authority by the member of staff in question of a written application for the leave, giving details of the purpose for which the leave is sought and other relevant information, at least two weeks (save in exceptional circumstances) before the date on which the leave is due to commence.

6. Any enquires concerning this letter should be addressed to Miss Frances Fletcher, Personnel Unit, Department of Health (tel. 714711 ext 94).

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