Wednesday 3 rd July - Ambulance personnel members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) will protest at Leinster House, Kildare St. tomorrow Thursday, 4 th July from 12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. in their continuing campaign for their right to join, and be represented by the PNA as the union of their choice.

PNA has also announced that over 500 PNA ambulance branch members (including paramedics, advanced paramedics and emergency medical technicians) will hold a further 24-hour national strike from 2pm Friday 19 th July to 2pm Saturday 20 th July. 

Tomorrow's Protest Rally and the 24-hour strike is yet a further stage in the determined campaign by PNA ambulance personnel members that has already involved seven days of strike.

Peter Hughes, PNA General Secretary, said ambulance personnel members are determined that Oireachtas members will hear a very clear message before the Dail summer recess.

‘The message is unchanged – ambulance personnel, who established their own branch within the PNA ten years ago, demand the right to be members of PNA as the union of their choice and will not be forced by the HSE to join another union that they do not want to be members of. While our campaign has been encouraged by the growing level of political support in Leinster House, we are calling on all Oireachtas members to support ambulance personnel in demanding a basic right for workers to join the union of their choice.'

‘It is a disgrace that ambulance personnel are being forced by the HSE to hold another 24 hour strike in a vital front line emergency service. This is a situation that these professional, highly dedicated workers have said they do not want to be in. However, they are left with no option in the face of an inexplicable intransigence by the HSE and a refusal to acknowledge the clearly expressed wishes of ambulance personnel to be members of, and represented by PNA – a trade union of over 49 years' experience in representing workers within the health and social care services'.

 ‘As we  move towards another 24 hour  strike action in the national ambulance service I am calling on the new HSE Director General , Paul Reid to bring this dispute to an end finally and allow ambulance personnel members of the PNA to get on with providing their vital services.'    

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